[DRBD-user] Filesystem Quota

Michael Hoennig michael at hostsharing.net
Mon Oct 18 11:56:13 CEST 2004

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Hi Eugene,

>With 2.4 kernel, quota works if the number of userids is not too high
>(maybe 10 - 100 thousand is OK, more is problematic).  But quota on 2.4
>is not "journalling" which means that you need to run checkquota after
>mount and before everything else, and loose much of the advantage of the
>journalling filesystem.
>With 2.6 kernel, there is journalling quota, but (up to at
>least) there is a deadlock in the quota code that shows up at very high
>load.  The fix *may* be in the next kernel release.

that is unfortunately true.  A deadlock like this was fixed several times
in 2.4, but alwas a new one included instead :-(

We are now using XFS (on SMP systems with quota and some high load
times).  Unfortunately there is also a bug which blocks IO to large
files (>40 MB can be enough in some cases) with many clients writing to.
 It is supposed to be fixed in, we will see ...

Otherweise we are happy with XFS, we just have it not in use with DRBD
yet.  Stay tuned for a report in a few weeks.


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