[DRBD-user] Filesystem Quota

Eugene Crosser crosser at rol.ru
Mon Oct 18 10:56:25 CEST 2004

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P.V.Anthony wrote:

> I have a question about kernel based quota. Is it possible to use quota 
> on ext3 with drbd?

With 2.4 kernel, quota works if the number of userids is not too high 
(maybe 10 - 100 thousand is OK, more is problematic).  But quota on 2.4 
is not "journalling" which means that you need to run checkquota after 
mount and before everything else, and loose much of the advantage of the 
journalling filesystem.

With 2.6 kernel, there is journalling quota, but (up to at 
least) there is a deadlock in the quota code that shows up at very high 
load.  The fix *may* be in the next kernel release.

To make quota work with heartbeat, you need to modify the heartbeat 
script that does filesystem mount (probably "filesystem" or somesuch) to 
run quotacheck and quotaon instantly after mount.

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