[DRBD-user] Upgrade from 0.7-pre8 cvs to 0.7.5

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Thu Nov 11 12:04:32 CET 2004

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On Wednesday 10 November 2004 16:32, Simon Schwendemann wrote:
> Hello!
> We are planing an upgrade from 0.7-pre8 cvs (nfs-server with a 1,5tb)to
> the latest 0.7.5 release  in combination with an hardware upgrade on ONE
> node (from intel p4 to an dual opteron 244).
> we thought the best approach will be:
> .)taking the secondary server offline, perform the hardware upgrade.
> .)installing Debian-Amd64 with an 2.6.9 AMD64 Kernel on the secondary
> .)install / compile drbd 0.7.5 on the secondary
> .)bring the server back online, let them sync
> .)tell heartbeat to exchange primary to become secondary and vice versa
>    to serve everything from the new (upgraded) node
> .)now upgrade the old node to 0.7.5
> Is the sync protocol compatible between this two releases ?
> Are there any know issuses / experiences  on this approach ?

The approach is fine. 
I think (have not checked the PROTO versions) that -pre8 is _not_
protocol compatible to 0.7.x . (But simply compare the PROTO
versions, you can find them in the changelog and /proc/drbd.

There are a few fixes for 64 bit aches that were commited
into SVN after 0.7.5. I guess you should wait a week till I 
release 0.7.6 [ Or you convince me to do it faster... :) ]

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