[DRBD-user] A few Q's before upgrade... Re: [DRBD-announce] drbd-0.6.12.tar.gz

Csan csani at lme.linux.hu
Wed Mar 10 16:22:21 CET 2004

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Thanks, Philipp!

...ok and this is the point when I will try to upgrade to this final version.
If it fails, I'll fall back to the current "working" version and monitor 0.7

The main question to you all before I jump into it: are there any caveats for
the upgrade from version *0.6.2*? Is this upgrade path recommended?

Meaning: should I change anything in the DRBD world of my server besides the
recompiled kernel module (kernel 2.4.20 with dm patch)?

Details (one of the three identical devices):

# drbdsetup /dev/nb0 show
Lower device: 08:03   (/dev/sda3)
Disk options:
 disk-size = 29318625 KB
Local address:
Remote address:
Wire protocol: A
Net options:
 timeout = 4.0 sec
 sync-min = 200 KB/sec
 sync-max = 102400 KB/sec
 sync-nice = -20
 tl-size = 5000
 connect-int = 5 sec
 ping-int = 5 sec

(I will also wait for the debian package update before I do anything)

My current version is:
version: 0.6.2 (api:61/proto:62)

Additional info:
All the devices run without a secondary node at the moment. So I will add the
node at the same time I upgrade the drbd on primary.



Idézés Philipp Reisner <philipp.reisner at linbit.com>:

> Hi,
> Once again I think that this will be the last 0.6.x release.
> Here is the changelog:
> 0.6.12 (api:64/proto:62)
> ------
>   *) With the non-blocking IO hints, a bug was introduced that could
>      lead to partially sent IO hints. -> loss of connetion. 
>      This issue is fixed now.
>   *) Fix to range check of nice value in drbdsetup
>   *) Updates to build system (Makefile, Makefile.SuSE-9.0)
> In case you run 0.6.11 I think you should upgrade to 0.6.12.
> -Philipp

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