[DRBD-user] Re: DRBD and Redhat Cluster Manager

Lars Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Sat Jun 5 02:15:35 CEST 2004

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/ 2004-06-04 15:08:30 -0700
\ Sasan Tehrani:
> Hi Lars,
> I'm terribly sorry to trouble you.  I wanted to use your DRBD in our lab
> along with the Redhat Cluster Manager in a 2 member cluster.  This
> cluster manager keeps its state database on a couple of shared raw
> partitions which I was gonna put on DRBD partitions such as /dev/nb0 and
> /dev/nb1.  However as the excerpt below indicates, both cluster members
> must have write access to these partitions.  This, I don't think, is
> something that DRBD allows.  Am I understanding it alright?

drbd does only allow *one* node to access a certain device at a time. 

> Thank you very much,
> Sasan T.
> Unix Admin
> Here's the excerpt from the cluster manager guide:
> In a two-member cluster, each member periodically writes a timestamp
> and cluster state information to two shared cluster partitions located
> on shared disk storage. To ensure correct cluster operation, if a
> member is unable to write to both the primary and shadow shared
> cluster partitions at startup time, it is not allowed to join the
> cluster. In addition, if a member is not updating its timestamp, and
> if heartbeats to the system fail, the member is removed from the
> cluster.

I forward this to the list (you may want to subscribe, if you have not
already done so). I don't know anything about the RH cluser manager,
its requirements or concepts, so I can't comment on how this might be
used together with drbd. most people here use heartbeat as their CM.

maybe the list has some comments?
or, ask on the RH CM list (I'm sure there is one?)

	Lars Ellenberg

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