[DRBD-user] multiple resources on a harddisk

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Fri Jun 4 15:59:04 CEST 2004

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/ 2004-06-04 14:46:19 +0100
\ Tim Jackson:
> Anyway, thanks for confirming that my understanding seems to be right.
> DRBD/Heartbeat really is a powerful combination. Perhaps this would be a
> useful example to put in some documentation (maybe an examples.txt)
> somewhere? I know that there's nothing there which isn't already covered
> in the documentation, but with things like this, lots of examples can help
> to explain things even better (alongside the docs) and build confidence in
> a user that they understand what's going on.

if you can spare the time, how about looking at
then have a look at the existing pages,
and fill in some content in GettingStarted/DRBD and related pages?

Would be great.

> By the way, your help to myself and others on this list is very much
> appreciated. Although the basic concepts of DRBD are fairly simple, and
> the documentation is pretty good, the implementation details are where
> doubts tend to appear and in systems like this we all naturally want to be
> 100% sure about what we're doing. Given that, and the fact that there only
> seem to be a small number of people (you, Philipp, a few others maybe) who
> understand DRBD inside out, then I'm sure it wouldn't have as many users
> if it wasn't for your patient help in clearing up these issues and helping
> with tweaking etc. I've learnt a lot just from reading other people's
> problems and solutions. So thanks for your time!

Thanks for spelling this out.
Unfortunately this is not exactly what pays my bills...


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