[DRBD-user] warning: could not get sector size ... assuming 512

george young gry at ll.mit.edu
Sun Feb 8 20:04:49 CET 2004

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[SuSE 8.2 x86 linux 2.4.24, Mylex eXtremeraid 2000(dac960) RAID 5,
Every time I start drbd I get: 

   BLKSSZGET: Invalid argument
   datadisk: warning: could not get sector size of /dev/rd/c0d0p5, assuming 512

for each drbd device.  Is there something wrong with my raid driver that
isn't kernel block device api compliant?  [DAC960 driver version 2.4.11,
11 October 2001]

Should I specify sector size somehow in drbd.conf?  It works ok, but
errors and warnings like this on my production server make me uneasy...

-- George Young
"Are the gods not just?"  "Oh no, child.
What would become of us if they were?" (CSL)

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