[Drbd-dev] [PATCH] [RFC] drbd: do not record build details

Bernhard M. Wiedemann bwiedemann at suse.de
Tue Jul 18 10:08:16 CEST 2017

On 2017-07-18 09:25, Roland Kammerer wrote:
> I'm a big fan of reproducible builds, but only as long as it does not
> break very useful information for us when we actually look at customer
> installations. In that case it IMO does break that.

it was only meant as an example (see comment in patch).
We can make something nicer.

actually preferred to completely drop such build-time data collection
over my initial patch of making it optional.

> Again, I totally understand what the reproducible build project tries to
> achieve, and it is important, but why isn't that just a vendor-patch for
> the distribution you care about like the Debian guys do it?

because it is also us (open)SUSE guys, the Fedora guys, the FreeBSD guys
and there are probably a dozen other distributions out there, which is
why I try to upstream such patches as much as possible to only have to
fix it once for everyone.

Bernhard M.

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