[Drbd-dev] Failed to reconnect in different volume's size over the 3 nodes

박경민 kmpak at mantech.co.kr
Thu Aug 11 07:48:38 CEST 2016


After 2 commit below
585554e drbd: resize: reduce own sanity checks, trust peer
c09ce4b drbd: resize loop avoidance band-aid

It can't reconnect  just in case different volume's size.
That was only occurred over the 3 nodes configuration.

The scenario is below

A(100mb) - B(100mb) - C(90mb)
1. Success to connect at Inconsistent state
2. C node does "Primary --force "
3. All nodes agree 90mb size
4. C node does down
5. A node does down
6. A node does up
7. A and b agree 100mb size
8. C node can't connect because of lower size

I was looking for the code,and I think it was recalculated forcibly because

in receive_sizes()
/* Maybe the peer knows something about peers I cannot currently see. */
if (is_handshake)
ddsf |= DDSF_FORCED;

Thank you,
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