[Drbd-dev] no files found matching man-pages/drbdmanage.8.gz

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Wed Mar 18 19:17:28 CET 2015

I just tried to install drbdmanage on debian jessie, but run into the
following problem:

# cd drbdmanage
# python setup.py sdist
reading manifest template 'MANIFEST.in'
warning: no files found matching 'man-pages/drbdmanage.8.gz'

# python setup.py install
running install_data
copying conf/drbdctrl.res_template -> /etc/drbd.d
copying conf/drbdmanage-resources.res -> /etc/drbd.d
copying conf/drbdmanaged.conf -> /etc
copying conf/drbdmanaged-lvm.conf -> /etc
copying conf/org.drbd.drbdmanaged.conf -> /etc/dbus-1/system.d
error: can't copy 'man-pages/drbdmanage.8.gz': doesn't exist or not a regular

So how can I fix that?

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