[Drbd-dev] UDP multicast transport

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Mon Nov 11 16:06:38 CET 2013

Hi Raul,

I recommend to keep the communication on drbd-dev. Via the
mailing list you can reach all in drbd interested developers.

I do not have more to add right now. Do not hesitate to ask


> Hi Phil,
> I'm grateful and agree the work to develop.
> I'm currently reviewing the code of version 9.
> I have idea how to implement multicast, and even more with the
> explanation you have given me about this.
> Well, I will continue reviewing the source code to fully understand the
> current implementation of DRBD's communications.
> If there is additional information that you send to me, I appreciate
> it.
> Anything you want to say?
> Regards,
> Raúl

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