[Drbd-dev] Barrier assert failures with latest 8.0 sources

Graham, Simon Simon.Graham at stratus.com
Tue Jan 22 21:49:19 CET 2008

> > I think the problem is that tl_clear does NOT clear the
> > bit from mdev->flags - so if we disconnect in the small window
> between
> > setting this bit and creating the new barrier, then when we
> > and send the first request, we'll end up creating a new barrier
> before
> > sending the BarrierRq(4711) (processing the first request that has
> go
> > remote) and I think this gets us into the cycle of always being one
> > barrier behind the remote system... this would also explain why the
> > assert is intermittent since you have to disconnect in a small
> window...
> >
> > Seem reasonable?
> absolutely.
>  :)

Reasonable - yes, correct - no ;-(

Clearing the bit in tl_clear didn't work so I dug some more and I think
I _really_ found it this time...

In _about_to_complete_local_write, we see this code:

	/* before we can signal completion to the upper layers,
	 * we may need to close the current epoch */
	if (req->epoch == mdev->newest_barrier->br_number)

This can be true when the connection is not active _if_ the connection
is torn down before the first I/O completes (seems a little unlikely,
but possible) - in that case, the req->epoch will be 4711 and the
disconnect cleared out the list so that newest_barrier->br_number is
4711... so we go ahead and call queue_barrier() which sets the

I think this will also result in inc_ap_pending() being called with no
matching decrement - when the worker thread runs w_send_barrier, it will
detect that the conn state is < Connected and bail without decrementing
the count...

I do feel that the situations when this can arise should be incredibly
rare - the connection has to fail between issuing the first request and
the time it completes... and yet I can hit this problem fairly easily,
so maybe there is some other situation I haven't thought of that causes
this path to be taken.

Anyway - presumably the fix is to modify
_about_to_complete_local_write() to not do the barrier stuff unless the
connection state is >= Connected?


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