[Drbd-dev] drbd0: [drbd0_receiver/5740] sock_sendmsg time expired, ko = 4294967294

Montrose, Ernest Ernest.Montrose at stratus.com
Tue Jun 12 16:23:41 CEST 2007

OK..So it's a feature..Not a bug..:)  Thanks for the clarification..


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On Monday 11 June 2007 03:39:47 Montrose, Ernest wrote:
> Hi all,
> It seems that the mdev->ko_count counter is going negative as
evidenced by
> the following message: drbd0: [drbd0_receiver/5740] sock_sendmsg time
> expired, ko = 4294967294

This is intended this way. If you configure ko_count to zero it becomes
that very large integer with the first expiration of the timeout. I.e.
no drop of connection.

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