[Drbd-dev] DRBD8: Fencing and outdate-peer handler getting calledmultiple times

Montrose, Ernest Ernest.Montrose at stratus.com
Fri Nov 17 15:18:17 CET 2006

Aha! Thanks for the clarification. I will try again.


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\ Montrose, Ernest:
> Phil,
> My outdate-peer handler simply says "echo /deve/drbd0: Running handler
for outdate-peer >>/tmp/drbdio.log"
> And that log file is populated and created so I can only assume that
did indicate success.
> In this case success being an exit status of 0.

and exactly that assumption is wrong.

in your kernel log you should find messages like
"outdate-peer helper broken, returned 0" 

>   If the disk state of the peer is unknown, drbd calls this 
>   handler (yes a call to userspace from kernel space). The handler's
>   returncodes are:
>   3 -> peer is inconsistent 
>   4 -> peer is outdated (this handler outdated it) [ resource fencing
>   5 -> peer was down / unreachable
>   6 -> peer is primary
>   7 -> peer got stonithed [ node fencing ]

these are the only valid return codes.

"success" being defined as 
  "was able to outdate the peer" respective
  "peer need not to be outdated"

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