[Drbd-dev] docs reworking (was: Does DRDB do 'intelligent' mirroring?)

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Tue Sep 21 19:15:46 CEST 2004

/ 2004-09-21 18:35:36 +0200
\ Helmut Wollmersdorfer:
> Philipp Reisner wrote:
> >On Saturday 18 September 2004 03:40, Helmut Wollmersdorfer wrote:
> >>From the middle of next week I should have time to do some dozens of
> >>hours docu work.
> >Are you going to work on the docs only ?
> >Could you imagine to go over the web-pages ?
> Yeah, everything should be done.
> It's just a matter of time;-)
> Personally I do not like CMS' or wikis, but I can live with it. Content 
> should be brought to an actual state, but I will not touch the structure.

the moinmoin wiki is nice, it is all plain files. one can take it
offline (or readonly), and grep/sed/perl/mv/cp the content, if one knows

> Priorities:
> - man pages (very high)

and you already did a great job on those so far.

> - HOWTO (high)
> - web (medium - high)
> - docbook.sgml -> docbook.xml (low)
> - german translation (low)

agreed to your priorities.

> Problems to discuss:
> 1) The pt and jp versions are outdated.
>    We should either remove them from 0.7.x or include a "NOTE: This
>    translation is outdated. Feel free to improve it."

I already removed them from drbd/trunk, which is 0.8-pre1.

> 2) Can I take some useful parts of text from Linbit, LGE and LMB?
>    Appropriate references would be included.

sure. well, I did not do much beyond the DRBD pages in the HA wiki
and the drbd article in the linux mag. you know the urls:

or was it something else that you had in mind?


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