[Drbd-dev] user interface test of drbd.conf

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Thu Oct 21 16:42:54 CEST 2004

> > >well, we have had a bugzilla, but we did not use it.
> > >and it would be very fast very heavily out of date.
> > >do you want to keep it up-to-date,
> > >and kick Phillip or me every now and then?
> >
> > Yeah. But it needs a minimum of cooperation from developers. E.g. such
> > messages like "solved, ready for retest", "won't solve", priorities etc.
> actually, we still have it, it only no longer is linked from www.drbd.org
> have a look at http://bugs.drbd.org
> any comments by Philipp on this?

I do not have any strong feelings about these things. If Helmut likes
to use bugs.drbd.org please do so. [If I remeber correctly everybody
can create open tasks there, but only the developers: Lars and me
can do things like assigning and closing etc...]

On the other hand I am also fine with simply mailing it here... on

As Lars pointed out, after filling bugs.drbd.org with interesting
issues it might be a good idea to trigger us (with a short post
to drbd-dev to actually process the open tasks in bugs.drbd.org)

So far DRBD was a too small project, that we actually use the 
bugtracking system.

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