[Drbd-dev] Re: 0.7.6 release tomorrow...

Philipp Hug philipp at hug.cx
Wed Nov 24 14:46:07 CET 2004

> The convenient way is to do "make tarball" before "dpkg-buildpackage 
> ..." and "make-kpkg ...". And I never really understood the 
> module-assistant, even after nearly a day of studying the docs. Same 
> is true for the newer packaging stuff.

You can still do make-kpkg even with the new packaging: If it doesn't
work, it's a bug.

> So, what's easier:
> 1) change and test the drbd/make plus writing a new "HOWTO build 
> debian packages from SVN/tarball", and test the HOWTO under different 
> conditions.

well actually I could change the debian scripts to work directly within
the svn directory. that's probably easier than doing "make tarball" first.

> OR
> 2) rm debian/  by debian maintainers

sounds easier than it is: according to debian policy the upstream source
tgz must not be modified when uploaded to debian, instead a diff.gz is
upload that contains the diffs between upstream and debian release + it
normally contains the debian directory.
its not possible for the debian packager to remove files from the
original tgz not even in the diffs. you could call this a bug in the
dpkg-buildpackage tool but that's the way it is now.

2nd: if an upstream package already contains a debian directory is
called a "native-debian" package and the version number should be e.g.
0.7.6 (without -debianversion). but the problem here would be, that the
drbd release must be the version that goes into debian.org and that's
not the case here...

so I think that removing ./debian at least from the release tarball
would be a good idea... maybe we could add a "make releasetarball" target...


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