[Drbd-dev] Re: [john.cagle@hp.com: FW: device number request for drbd]

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb@suse.de
Fri, 30 Jul 2004 00:32:53 +0200

On 2004-07-28T19:56:09,
   Philipp Reisner <philipp.reisner@linbit.com> said:

> > This is _not_ a change we can push out. The major number _might_ be
> > changed, but the device path absolutely has to stay stable.
> Maybe 
> for ((i=0;i<16;i++)); do mknod /dev/nb$i b 147 $i; done

No. Because the user might have the RPM installed (thus the post-install
would get triggered on update), but may in fact be using nbd.

We'll have to make the drbd we ship default to the old major/minor and
also keep the examples consistent with that.

However, we can advise them use the different major in the future, but
for a GA'ed product, we cannot break what is essentially the ABI to

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