[DRBD-announce] WinDRBD 1.1.6 released

Johannes Thoma johannes.thoma at linbit.com
Wed Feb 15 14:11:25 CET 2023

Dear WinDRBD Users,

I just released a new minor version of WinDRBD. In particular,
ReFS as a file system upon a WinDRBD device was fixed (broken
since 1.1.0). There is no urgent need to upgrade WinDRBD unless
you need some of the features/fixes below.

 From the WHATSNEW.md file:

What's new in version 1.1.6

Updated cygwin DLL and binaries (Feb 3 2023)

Add PATH component to programs run by installer. This
enables running the installer from a background service.

Fixed ReFS support (was broken since 1.1.0, works in 1.0.2)

Add ReFS support for existing data partitions (virtual
partition table).

As always, a signed installer can be downloaded from the
LINBIT website:


Best regards,

- Johannes
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