[DRBD-announce] drbd-9.0.9 AND drbd-utils-9.1.0

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Thu Aug 31 15:44:54 CEST 2017


in short, this is a _must_ upgrade for every use that uses DRBD in
the SDS use-case. I.e. with diskless primaries. Two bugs where
identified that can cause DRBD to return wrong data to read
requests on the diskless primary node.

9.0.9-1 (api:genl2/proto:86-112/transport:14)
 * fix occasionally forgotten resyncs in installations where
   diskless primaries are present. The bug tigers when a storage
   node is re-integrated, and it happens to connect to the diskless
   primary first; This bug is severe, since it might cause inconsistent
   data read back on the diskless primary!
 * fix an issue that causes unexpected split-brain situations upon
   connect. This issue triggers only when one of the node has a
   node_id bigger than 3
 * in a cluster with a diskless primary, when a server goes away,
   and is not outdated, outdate it upon reconnect. This gets done
   when it's current UUID does not match the diskless primaries
   exposed data UUID; with this bug present it can lead to
   inconsistent data presented on the diskless primary node to
 * fix update of exposed data UUID on diskless primaries. It could
   lead to false reject of further diskfull secondaries that
   want to join
 * fix a possible OOPS when in a debug message regarding bitmap
 * fix discard bigger than 1MiB; The bug causes disconnect with
   bigger discard requests
 * fix left over bits in bitmap on SyncSource after resync; the
   issue was triggered by write requests that come in while the
   resync starts
 * fix peers becoming unexpectedly displayed as D_OUTDATED at the
   end of a resync; While the disk state on the node stays D_UP_TO_DATE
 * fix a race between auto promote and auto demote of multiple volumes
   in a single resource; The symptom was that the a process opening
   the /dev/drbdX for read-write gets an -EROFS errno
 * Speed up down of many resources by using call_rcu() instead
   of synchronize_rcu()
 * Make it compatible with the soon to be released 4.13 kernel


 * allow events2 --now polling
 * fix ambiguous inheritance for peer-device-options
 * fixup fallback path for BLKZEROOUT for older kernels
 * fix v9 proxy support
 * modernized XEN scripts
 * reproducible builds support
 * create-md --force for v8.4 (for compat to v9)
 * fix cstate output
 * resize: give resize more time (same as attach)
 * drbdmon: peer-device status, version info, node name
 * "drbdadm status" for v8.4
 * set peer-device-options only once


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