[DRBD-announce] drbd-8.4.4rc1.tar.gz

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Sat Aug 17 01:52:14 CEST 2013


And here is the 8.4.4rc1. It mainly contains of fixes. The only
new feature the online reshaping of the AL-layout.

BTW, since there are still people installing drbd-8.3 on new systems.
DRBD-8.4 gives you more performance. See this blog post:

This is a release candidate. Please help testing.

8.4.4rc1 (api:genl1/proto:86-101)
 * Changes from 8.3.16
   * fix decoding of bitmap vli rle for device sizes > 64 TB
   * fix for deadlock when using automatic split-brain-recovery
   * only fail empty flushes if no good data is reachable
   * avoid to shrink max_bio_size due to peer re-configuration
   * fix resume-io after reconnect with broken fence-peer handler
   * fencing script improvements
 * Fixed attaching to disks with fixed size external meta-data
   (This regressions was introduced with 8.4.3)
 * Allow online changing of al-stripes and al-stripe-size with the
   resize command
 * drbdadm adjust now deals with IP-address changes correctly
 * Align the internal object model with drbd-9.0 (away from drbd-8.3)
 * Compiles on Linux v3.10


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