[DRBD-announce] drbd-9.0.0pre6.tar.gz & drbd-8.3.16rc1.tar.gz

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Wed Aug 14 23:13:27 CEST 2013


this is a *double release* day. On the drbd-9 side great 
progress was made since the pre5 release. I ask everybody
interested in drbd9 to check it out and report any
issues found back to us. 

9.0.0pre6 (api:genl1/proto:86-110)
 * Fixed the wait-[connect|sync] drbdadm commands. Now they actually
   work on all three object types (resources, connections, volumes)
 * Fixed the resync vs application IO deadlock on a resync from
   Primary/SyncSource to Secondary/SyncTarget [Was introduced in
   drbd9 development]
 * Correctly deal with writes from a Primary on two Secondaries that
   do a resync
 * New command called "forget-peer". It is used to free a peer-device
   slot. Online (via drbdsetup) or offline (via drbdmeta)
 * Lots of minor fixes


On the drbd-8.3 side the fix regarding devices larger than
64TByte shows that our user base is moving to larger
device sizes. Also note that the crm_fence_peer script
infrastructure received a number of improvements.

8.3.16rc1 (api:88/proto:86-97)
 * fix decoding of bitmap vli rle for device sizes > 64 TB
 * fix for deadlock when using automatic split-brain-recovery
 * only fail empty flushes if no good data is reachable
 * avoid to shrink max_bio_size due to peer re-configuration
 * fix resume-io after reconnect with broken fence-peer handler
 * fencing script improvements


PS: drbd-8.4.4rc1 will arrive in the next days.


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