[DRBD-user] Can't initialize DRBD9 in Proxmox 5.0 (drbdsetup new-resource exit code20)

Borja Muñoz borja.munoz at inelcom.com
Thu Jan 18 10:47:54 CET 2018


I'm trying to setup DRBD9 in a new Proxmox 5.0 Cluster but I can't make 
it work. I have read some threads like this but the solution is not 
fully clear at all, so:

The problem is the following:

drbdmanage init

/You are going to initialize a new drbdmanage cluster.//
//CAUTION! Note that://
//  * Any previous drbdmanage cluster information may be removed//
//  * Any remaining resources managed by a previous drbdmanage 
//    that still exist on this system will no longer be managed by 
//  yes/no: yes//
//*Error: External command failed:*//*
*//*drbdsetup new-resource .drbdctrl 0*//*
*//*Command output:*//*
*//*  (stdout) *//*
*//*Command exited with exit_code 20*//*
*//*Initialization failed*/

I have installed the latest packages with: apt-get install drbd-dkms 
dbrd-manager pve-headers etc and I have loaded the module
/ dkms status//
//drbd, 9.0.11-1: added/

modprobe drbd

# modinfo drbd
/filename:       /lib/modules/4.10.17-2-pve/updates/dkms/drbd.ko//
//alias:          block-major-147-*//
//license:        GPL//
//version:        9.0.11-1//
//description:    drbd - Distributed Replicated Block Device v9.0.11-1//
//author:         Philipp Reisner <phil at linbit.com>, Lars Ellenberg 
<lars at linbit.com>//
//srcversion:     9ACAAF3E3C9B36A172843DE//
//depends:        libcrc32c//
//vermagic:       4.10.17-2-pve SMP mod_unload modversions //
//parm:           enable_faults:int//
//parm:           fault_rate:int//
//parm:           fault_count:int//
//parm:           fault_devs:int//
//parm:           disable_sendpage:bool//
//parm:           allow_oos:DONT USE! (bool)//
//parm:           minor_count:Approximate number of drbd devices (1-255) 
//parm:           usermode_helper:string

I don't know what to do anymore.

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