[DRBD-user] parted to move a partition DRBD uses as a backing device

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Thu Jul 31 15:01:28 CEST 2014

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On 31/07/14 04:50 AM, Felix Frank wrote:
> On 07/31/2014 12:49 AM, Digimer wrote:
>>    However, it lists in the docs that the "FS" needs to support this, and
>> well, DRBD is not an FS.
> Weird.
> FWIW, I read that as "do this only if the data on the partition cares
> not about absolute positions of its blocks on the device", i.e. relative
> addressing in the filesystem.
> (So XFS would break if I tried that? Sounds specious. Perhaps the
> document refers to moving data while it's mounted?)
> Either way, you can likely apply the documentation to the *content* of
> the DRBDs, as though that additional block layer weren't present.
> A shame that you gain only 300G, otherwise I'd advise to take this
> chance to move to LVM ;-)
> Regards,
> Felix

I use clustered LVM with DRBD as the PVs. When I tried to use LVM under 
DRBD as well, it got complicated.

To be honest, I've never needed to do this in production, but I wanted 
to document the process in case it is ever needed.

So I suppose, if no one knows for sure, I can try moving the partition 
and see what happens. It's a test/dev machine so the data on it is 
disposable (just clvmd + gfs2 + a pair of test VMs).

Can I assume that you don't think DRBD will care about absolute positions?

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