[DRBD-user] Hardware-recomendation needed

Lukas Gradl proxmox at ssn.at
Sat Mar 31 23:25:55 CEST 2012

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Am Freitag, den 30.03.2012, 12:15 -0700 schrieb Digimer:
> Re: RAID 1; I've used these little adapters quite a bit in production
> and have not had any heat problems;
> http://usa.chenbro.com/corporatesite/products_detail.php?sku=72

Thanks for that link - they look interesting.

> SSDs are nice, but they are not enterprise class (unless you have
> serious money). I'd recommend looking at 2x seagate 10k or 15k SAS
> drives. Plug those into an LSI 9265-8i with BBU and you will likely find
> the performance is quite nice, without inducing the risks of running
> into early failure on SSDs.

2 LSI 6295 with BBU, 4 10k SAS drives, the mounting bays - that's around
2500 EUR.

For now the system uses two local SATA-Drives with software-raid1 and
this setup is more than enough performance. Is there really no cheaper
solution to get DRBD up and running with the same perfomance than a
local Software-Raid1?


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