[DRBD-user] Hardware-recomendation needed

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Wow! Sandy Bridge for this ? It's like taking a shotgun to kill a flee,
isn't it ? Wouldn't you do better placing your money on your disk layout,
rather than on the CPU family ? That's what I'd do at least!
What do you intend to do with this platform then ? Take care : Few disks,
few IOs, especially with SATA... SSD will surely help, but may be not as
much as you need. BTW you'll find a couple of discussions about that trim
issue on the mailing list.



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I'm thinking about a DRBD Installation for one of our sites.

The hardware are two identical Sandybridge-Xeon boxes with a dedicated,
direct connection between for DRBD. We're booting of a SSD.
Harddisks are connected by onboard-SATA 6G.

OS is Debian Squeeze using DRBD 3.8.10.

Unfortunatly there's just one 3.5" drive bay available for storage so raid
is not really an option (perhaps using 2 2.5" HDDs mounted with a
2x2.5 to 1x3.5 mounting bracket, but I'm afraid of this setup getting too
hot despite active cooling in the rack.)

So as far as i can see, there are four options available:

1.) a single SATA-Disk, internal metadata: Played around with that while
getting familar with DRBD, lousy performance near to unusable.

2.) a single SATA-Disk, external metadata on a partition of the Boot-SSD.
Any experiences on performance using a setup like this?

3.) a single SATA SSD, internal metadata: I've read about DRBD not
supporting TRIM, so I'm afraid the SSD will not work at full performance and
perhaps die too fast.

4.) a single SATA-Disk, connected to a 3Ware 9650SE Raidcontroller, using a
BBU. Never tried a controller like this with just one disk. How much RAM do
I need on that controller? Is 128MB sufficient (and I know that the more the
better, but how much do we really need?)?

4a.) two 2.5" SATA Disks, mounted in one 3.5" bay using a 9650SE as well. As
said before I'm afraid of getting the HDDs too hot.

Personally I would prefer variant 2 or 3, but I'm not shure about 
performance using these setups.

So, what do you think about that options?



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