[DRBD-user] DRBD and GFS on RHEL/CentOS

George Negoita negoita.george at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 11:12:51 CET 2009

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On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 11:46 AM, Mark Watts <m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com>wrote:

> I'm building a Red Hat Cluster Suite cluster, and I'm using DRBD, clvmd and
> GFS to provide the shared storage.
> One problem I'm hitting is that DRBD starts after clvmd and GFS have
> started,
> thus messing things up at boot.
> Does anyone have a reliable way to enforce DRBD -> clvmd -> GFS on this
> platform?

man chkconfig:
Each service which should be manageable by chkconfig needs two or more
commented lines added to its init.d script. The first line tells chkconfig
what runlevels the service should be started in by default, as well as the
start and stop priority levels.

# chkconfig: 3 24 76
# chkconfig: 3 70 8
You can modify clvmd's priority levels, so that it should start after drbd
(value higher than 70) and stop before drbd (value lower than 8).
Then, you should run
chkconfig --del clvmd
chkconfig --add clvmd

Be careful at other services that may depend on clvm, because you may have
to change their priority levels as well (to start after clvmd).

George Negoita
System Administrator
Imedia Plus Group
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