[DRBD-user] problem on create lvm upon drbd device

Matt Graham danceswithcrows at usa.net
Wed Jan 7 23:04:39 CET 2009

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From: "Joe,Yu" <smartjoe at gmail.com>
> I [had] a problem when [creating an LV] upon [a] drbd device [using]
> drbd8.3.0 on RHEL5.2.
[snippage.  /dev/sdb1 on one node and /dev/hda4 on the other node
comprise /dev/drbd1.]
> # pvcreate /dev/drbd1
>   Physical volume "/dev/drbd1" successfully created
> # vgcreate vg_drbd /dev/drbd1
>   Found duplicate PV Wt00: *using /dev/sdb1 not /dev/drbd1*
>   Found duplicate PV Wt00: *using /dev/drbd1 not /dev/sdb1*

Your /etc/lvm.conf is almost certainly scanning more block devices than
you want it to scan.  Edit that file on both boxes so that the block
devices that make up the /dev/drbd? devices (sdb1 and hda4 here) are
not scanned for PV/VG/LV signatures, then restart LVM or rerun "vgchange
-a y" or something, then the vg and lv commands will probably work

There should be comments in the lvm.conf file that explain how to do
things like not scan DVD/CD devices.  Modify those instructions to
do the things I described in the first paragraph.  HTH,

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