[DRBD-user] Sharing RedHat RPM packages

Ralph Angenendt ra+drbd at br-online.de
Tue Feb 5 13:33:29 CET 2008

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Florian Haas wrote:
> Well, both, if you can. CentOS 4 is stuck on 0.7; would be nice to offer DRBD 
> 8 in parallel (the way Debian does). CentOS 5 has the 8.0 branch, maybe 
> replace that with 8.2.

So you're recommending to use 8.2 in a production environment now? I
don't think we want to have software (even in CentOSplus) where the
protocol might change. Once 8.2.x gets "stable" (like 8.0.x), we'll
think about inclusion. And we are at 8.0.8 at the moment.

Regarding CentOS4 - yes, there might be a possibility to also offer an
drbd8 - but the 0.7 version has to stay. We cannot just pull away
something people might run.

So how about drbd (0.7 line) and drbd8 (the 8.0 line) in CentOS 4?


Ralph (@centos.org)
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