[DRBD-user] Re: Resizing LVM partitions and DRBD

yoann informatique-nospam at mistur.org
Fri Aug 29 08:58:14 CEST 2008

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> i'm currently using DRBD on top of my LVM partitions.
> Currently i've been trying to resize a LVM partition but i failed to
> keep the data.
> I've also been unable to find any documentation / guide regarding what
> the bests steps are to do it.
> If some one could be of help i would realy appriciate it.

I'm not sur if it's the same setup but here my configuration :

<pv> => <vg> => <lv> => <drbd> => <xfs fs>

I had to extend a xfs filesystems :

first on the 2 nodes, extend the lv :

# lvextend -L<newsize> /dev/<vg>/<lv>

then on the primary only :

# drbdadm resize <drbd device>

in my case, it was xfs, so :

# xfs_growfs <mount point>

everything was done without stop any services

hope that can help


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