[DRBD-user] Performance with DRBD + iSCSI

Weilin Gong wgong at alcatel-lucent.com
Wed Feb 21 23:46:36 CET 2007

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Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
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>> Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
>>> You can only write into drbd using what your application 
>> can handle and
>>> for VFS file operations that is 4k io! 
>> On Solaris ufs, the "maxcontig" parameter can be tuned to specify the 
>> the number of contiguous
>> blocks written to the disk. Haven't found the equivalence on 
>> Linux yet.
> Well, if you write your own app you can bypass VFS page-memory io
> restriction by using the generic block layer.
> I'm not sure if you quite understand the maxcontig parameter either:
> maxcontig=n The maximum number of logical
> blocks, belonging to one file, that
> are allocated contiguously. The
> default is calculated as follows...
> This parameter is for tuning disk space allocation in order to reduce
> fragmentation, it doesn't affect the io block size.
Actually, this defines the max io data size the file system sends down 
to the driver.
We have a home grown vdisk driver, similar to drbd, the "maxcontig" had 
to be
tuned to match the size of the buffer allocated for the network transport.
> -Ross
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