[DRBD-user] [Heartbeat + DRBD + Debian Etch] Heartbeat takes a long time to mount drbd device

Laurent CARON lcaron at lncsa.com
Sat Aug 25 12:18:14 CEST 2007

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via.lej at free.fr wrote:
> Hello !
> 	I've some problems using heartbeat and drbd, all works but heartbeat takes a long time (1 minute) before mounting drbd device.
> 	I don't know why, cause it launches the heartbeat driven's softwares almost immediately after the boot on the primary node (so it detects its on the primary node) but they can't, because the software's conf/data files on the drbd devices are unavailable. After mounting the drbd device, the softwares launches. But the main problem is the delay between the launching of the heartbeat driven's softwares and the mounting of the drbd resource.
> Have you ever seen this problem ? How can i correct that ?


Which filesystem do you use on this drbd shared partition ?


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