[DRBD-user] replicating system partitions

Faisal Shaikh fss at webstar.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 11:04:00 CEST 2006

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OpenVZ sounds interesting. I will have a look at it, but I think Im 
going to keep it nice and simple by replicating only the data partitions.

Thanks everyone for your advice.

Werner Fischer wrote:

>Hi Faisal, hi Martin,
>as Martin mentioned, using virtual servers is great way to mirror a
>(virtual) server completely - so even user information like /etc/passwd
>or /etc/shadow gets mirrored.
>For Vserver you find infos at:
>For OpenVZ I have written a howto that might help:
>At work we implemented such a cluster (using Virtuozzo - the commercial
>version of OpenVZ). There we have a chart that shows how it works:
>When using OpenVZ and building it yourself using the HowTO above, the
>chart would be very similar (but the commercial Virtuozzo GUIs would be
>missing as would the "Cluster Management" that we developed for this
>Cluster Developer at www.thomas-krenn.com
>On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 10:52 -0700, Martin Fick wrote:
>>If you really want to replicate your system, you could
>>consider using vservers.  
>>What I do is: I have a drbd partition which contains
>>an image of an entire vserver.  The vserver can then
>>be brought up on either node.  This allows for my
>>applications, vserver system configuration and data to
>>be replicated to both nodes and failed over with
>>heartbeat.  I don't think that I would suggest sharing
>>your host system files though.
>>Unfortunately I have not been able to run a nfs server
>>inside a vserver though. :(
>>--- Faisal Shaikh <fss at webstar.co.uk> wrote:
>>>Is it advisable to replicate the system partitions
>>>as well as the data 
>>>partitions (/var, / and /usr)?
>>>Both of my machines which I intend to use in the
>>>replication are i386 
>>>based (Athlon processors) and dont have any special
>>>hardware. They are 
>>>_not_ hardware clones of each other.
>>>The advantages I can think of are
>>>1. System config changes are synced across as well,
>>>so the secondary 
>>>node is upto date configuration wise.
>>>2. Less administration as a result of the above.
>>>3. No need to relocate and make symlinks of
>>>directories like 
>>>/var/lib/nfs etc..
>>>1. Accidental mangling of config files on primary
>>>will be 
>>>instantaneously transferred to secondary.
>>>2. Unknown demons that will present themselves when
>>>I install new software.
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