[DRBD-user] secondary node is inconsistent

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Fri Jun 23 11:55:35 CEST 2006

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/ 2006-06-23 11:37:19 +0200
\ Andreas Schader:
> Hi,
> after a network failure on the crossover between the primary and
> secondary nodes the secondary went to inconsistent.
> After both nodes were connected again they did not start to sync and I
> get lots of these lines in the syslog of secondary:
> drbd0: [drbd0_receiver/6359] sock_sendmsg time expired, ko = 4294967295
> drbd0: [drbd0_receiver/6359] sock_sendmsg time expired, ko = 4294967294
> does anybody know what that means and how I can resync the nodes again ?

as soon as synchronization starts, the sync target becomes
inconsistent, and becomes consistent only once the synchronization
is successfully completed.

anything about drbd in the kernel messages?
what does /proc/drbd show on both nodes?
do the figures move? -> watch -n1 cat /proc/drbd
how big are the devices?
how much ram do you have?
how much ram is "free"?
which drbd version?
kernel version?
what applications are running on the boxes currently?
anything "hanging" on the primary / secondary?

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