[DRBD-user] What server to run services while syncing

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Wed Jun 21 08:11:52 CEST 2006

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Your concept is correct for failover.  Secondary is now primary until
you make it otherwise.  This is where heartbeat (or linux-ha) comes into
play.  It is the automation tool.  It will promote the secondary to
primary for you and fail back automatically (if you so configure it to
do so) when the proper primary comes back online and is in sync.

Check out Linux-ha's implementation of DRBD.  It is literally just 3
lines in a config file to do what you are asking, with auto failover.

As for the startup and shutdown of virtual servers, HA can do that for
you as well.  You need only encapsulate your scripts in a init.d
compatible fashion (that is supporting start/stop).

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> > > Im guessing that i leave Server2 as primary and boot Server1 into
> > > secondary, then once the sync has completed, shutdown the services
> > > Server2, swap the states and boot the services on Server1 again?
> >
> > I would think that you would get Server1 back up as secondary, and
> > then run /usr/lib/hb_takeover (I'm assuming that you're using
> > heartbeat?)
> Im really just trying to understand the process at this stage.
> We are testing to then run a xen server on the primary, with all the
> virtual servers running on that primary, but with a low level
> secondary as failover if/when that happens.
> So, when something does happen, i was thinking of writing a some
> scripts to do the failover, rather than heartbeat, as it entails
> shutting down and starting up each virtual server - which takes some
> time anyway.
> I would greatly appreciate the lists comments here?
> Thanks
> Simon
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