[DRBD-user] DRBD with software raid0 or jbod

Paul Chen paulchen at qnap.com.tw
Wed Mar 23 07:43:55 CET 2005

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I'm having trouble getting DRBD to run on top of a software raid 0 or jbod device. Actually the problem is that DRBD can't seem to get the exact size of the partition.

# fdisk -s /dev/md0

but with drbd
# fdisk -s /dev/drbd0

# drbdadm up all
drbd0: resync bitmap: bits=19448672 words=607772
drbd0: size = 74 GB (77794688 KB)
drbd0: 74 GB marked out-of-sync by on disk bit-map
drbd0: Found 4 transactions (192 active extents) in activity log
drbd0: drbdsetup [2248]: cstate Unconfigured --> StandAlone
drbd0: drbdsetup [2250]: cstate StandAlone --> Unconnected
drbd0: drbd0_receiver [2251]: cstate Unconnected --> WFConnection

And because of this I kept getting "access beyond the end of device" error. Should I manual set the disk size for drbd for raid 0 and jbod? How do I do that?
But if I used raid 1, everything seems ok.

I'm using drbd-0.7.5 and kernel

my drbd.conf
resource "drbd0" {
 protocol  C;
 incon-degr-cmd "echo '!DRBD! pri on incon-degr' | wall ; sleep 60 ; halt -f";

 disk {
  on-io-error detach;

 syncer {
  rate  20M;

 on node1 {
  device  /dev/drbd0;
  disk  /dev/md0;
  meta-disk /dev/md3[0];

 on node2 {
  device  /dev/drbd0;
  disk  /dev/md0;
  meta-disk /dev/md3[0];

Best Regards,

Paul Chen
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