[DRBD-user] Is 0.7 usable in production ?

Yannick Lecaillez yl at itioweb.com
Wed Jan 26 17:19:35 CET 2005

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Hi ppl,

    I'm currently using Drbd 0.6.13 in production environment on top
of three LVM2 devices. drbd0 et drbd1 are replicated from server 1
to server 2, while drbd2 is replicated from server 2 to server 1.
It works really fine since several month now.

    I works nice for sure, but its slow : 15Mb/s in fullsync (Hardware
is strictly the same for the two servers : Dual Xeon 2.6Ghz /  1Gb RAM
 / 4 HD Ultra SCSI 160 of 73Gb in RAID 5). So i'm thinking about upgrade
to 0.7 for reducing full sync need (and hopefully, speed of the fullsync 
too :-)).
But i'm seeing a lot of problem on the list about OOpsses and other 
with 0.7.x.

    My question is : is there a 0.7 version usable in production on a 
2.4 kernel ?

    Thanks !

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