[DRBD-user] Minimum/recommended system requirements

Chris de Vidal Chris at deVidal.tv
Wed Apr 20 16:08:56 CEST 2005

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Thanks for your quick response!

Helmut Wollmersdorfer said this while chewing gum:
>> So my question: do our boxes meet the minimum/recommended spec?  Both
>> are
>> identical:
>> DRBD 0.7.10
>> CentOS 3.4 (same as RedHat Enterprise Linux 3)
>> Celeron 600
>> 120GB drives (don't recall the DMA/RPM speed but I can find out if
>> necessary)
>> 100MBit Intel NICs connected by crossover (don't recall which chipset
>> but
>> I can find out if necessary)
> This should be appropriate for DRBD, but maybe not enough for the
> additional applications.
> I am running EPIAs at 600 MHz (~Celeron 500), 512 MB, 80+160 = 240 GB,
> 100 Mbit NIC, very fine with DRBD.

Hmm... so do you run DRBD on a standalone box and run NFS+Heartbeat on
top?  This is a two-node cluster and I need my apps.

>> P.S. I just had a thought: perhaps I need to run hdparm.
> If your HDDs run with UDMA 133 you should get read speeds over 50 MB/sec
> with 'hdparm -tT /dev/hdx. Second thing is to measure network speed,
> e.g. with 'bing <own-IP> <peer-IP>.

As I mentioned in a previous email, hdparm is running at boot.  We've got
UDMA 33 and getting decent speeds.


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