[DRBD-user] unable to mount DRBD device?

David Huang david_huang at proware.com.tw
Tue Apr 19 13:22:29 CEST 2005

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>> What if i stop the DRBD service, mount the LV to do some modification
> or add more files on the filesystem and restart the DRBD?
> do I need to extend the lv size again??

>this does not make any sense.

>it seems to me that your understanding
>of what drbd does for you is wrong.

>what exactly do you think drbd is?
 >(please answer this, so we can correct you)

DRBD provides block-level, live replication of data, isn't it?

>what do you mean by
 >"do some modification or add more files on the filesystem"?

>why do you think you'd need to mount the LV to modify some files?
>(mounting, even accessing the lower level device is a big no-no!)

what you mean is that I shouldn't stop DRBD anytime if possible?

the reason I am thinking to stop DRBD service is because I like to do scheduling replication.
Because there are numbers of LV(15~20) on my system, i was assuming that if all of the LV do the replication at the same time, there will be performance issue. It's why I was thinking to run DRBD only in the off-peak time. 

Is there any testing report about using large number of DRBD devices at the same time? 

thanks for answering my questions

David Huang

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