[DRBD-user] expected behaviour after primary crash and reconnect.

Bernd Schubert bernd-schubert at gmx.de
Fri Apr 1 15:45:47 CEST 2005

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> I had a closer look at the difference between "reboot" and calling
> "/etc/init.d/drbd restart".  When doing "reboot" the drbd script
> is invoked at "K08" - pretty early.  The filesystems are still mounted
> and so drbd cannot exit.  When the network goes down, this is what
> happens:

This could explain it indeed, networking stops, the master node umounts and 
writes its umount data to the drbd partitions and reboots, while still being 
in drbd-primary configuration.
The failover node will then uses its outdated data to be new primary. 
During the next connection drbd doesn't know which node has the correct data, 
since both data sets have the information of being the primary target.
So, does it work when you manually umount the partitions or write a 
(We use hearbeat and have our own scripts there, that really make sure all 
partitions will be unmounted, heartbeat is at K05).


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