[DRBD-user] cant mount nb0 at startap

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Wed May 26 11:30:19 CEST 2004

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On 2004-05-26T11:18:40,
   Furész Péter <webmaster at srv.hu> said:

> Sorry, I jump this section:
> <para>You also need to edit the /etc/fstab file on both machines.
> It is important to configure this device to NOT mount upon boot.  The noauto
> flag will take care of that.</para>
> But I have edited the fstab with noauto, who will mount the partitions
> after boot? Heartbeat just set primary/secondary states, but not mount.
> My apache start at S91, and my DocumentRoot is on drbd partition, so
> the partition MUST BE mounted before apache start. (at boot time)

heartbeat will mount it if you tell it so - using the Filesystem
resource script.

You need to also allow heartbeat to start/stop apache. All resources
which depend on anything managed by heartbeat better be under its

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