[DRBD-user] Help with DRBD Installation !

Giuliano B. Gigli giuliano_lvsha at yahoo.com.br
Tue Mar 16 22:31:08 CET 2004

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Hello people .

Im new @ this list and also starting with DRBD .

I was trying to install DRBD last day on Red Hat Linux 7.2 and today in Debian 3.0 r2.

I follow the instructions at DRBD Documentation page but dont have success on the process. 

I cant integrate the DRBD module in to the kernel . So when i type "modprobe drbd" it says a message that no module exists with this name .

Can anyone give me some tips on DRBD installation on RH 7.2 or RH 9.0 or Debian  ?

Do i have to make any kernel modification or its only the make / make install with DRBD package ?

Any help is welcome .

Thanks in advance,

Giuliano Gigli
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