[DRBD-user] New member - Welcome w/ installation

Giuliano B. Gigli giuliano_lvsha at yahoo.com.br
Sun Mar 14 17:38:13 CET 2004

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Hello friends.

Im from Brazil and new on the list . Just got subscribed .

I was trying to install DRBD on my system and need some help .

I got Red Hat 9 installed on my system with kernerl 2.4.20-8 .

I download the .tar.gz package from drbd.org and tried to install . I got some error when trying to compile it .

On drdb site i got only the installation instructions for 0.6.10 . Is there any change on installation process from this 2 versions ?

Ok ... does i really need to make kernel modifications to install the drbd or can i go directly to the drdb make installation ??

I onlyt need to change the lines @ drbd_config.h and follow the instructions ?

If anyone can help me with the instalattion of drbd @ RH 9 i will appreciate a lot.


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