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Ernest Byaruhanga ernest at afrinic.org
Mon Jun 14 18:36:21 CEST 2004

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On Sunday 13 June 2004 02:38, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> / 2004-06-12 16:29:45 -0700
> \ Ernest Byaruhanga:
> > Hello DRBD users,
> >
> > I am new to clustering and please excuse any ignorance :) I've
> > tried to read lots though.
> >
> > I would like to implement a 2-node cluster without a shared scsi
> > drive for the nodes, and after research and googling, i found
> > that DRDB with Heartbeat will solve my problem.
> >
> > I am implementing this on two RedHat Linux Enterprise AS 3.0
> > Dell PowerEdge Servers with RAID-1.
> >
> > I however have a few questions:
> >
> > 1. I have already configured one server (DNS, sendmail, RT,
> >    etc..). Is it possible that these services can automatically
> >    sync on the other server without having to re-configure it?
> as long as you make sure all the data they need (i.e. changing and
> state information) is on shared storage (DRBD), and the same
> services are configured the same on both boxes, then you no longer
> need to reconfigure.

ok, thanks Lars for your valuable answers. I have just also read that i do not 
need heartbeat for drbd to work. I just need to know from the experienced 
folk on this list wether its advantageous to have drbd with heartbeat, or 
drbd alone.

about syncing the services, must i install the high-availability services (say 
if i want http, dnd,pop3, http ) on the shared medium or just their 
configuration files? 

thanks in advance,

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