[DRBD-user] Kernel crash when doing mount --bind

Mark Hellman markhellman at techie.com
Thu Feb 26 18:22:33 CET 2004

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Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> "freeze or crash": can you be more specific on the symptoms?
> do you get any kernel messages that may be related to it?

Sometimes it freezes, sometimes it does an instant reboot.
No kernel messages show up on the log.

> Ok, so your kernel "freezes" "sometimes" when you do a
> mount --bind like above.
> This is not the best starting point for debugging...

I know. I really would like to be more helpful, but that has been the only
user action that triggered the crash that I have noticed.

> ReiserFS
> LVM, right?

That's right.

> Does current CVS DRBD help? (you never know)

Since I changed to JFS, I have had no kernel problems. But it is still
early to tell. And even if I don't face any more problems of this kind, I
can not assure it was due to ReiserFS.
I will keep you informed if something relevant arises from my tests.


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