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Alex E alex at pc171.com
Thu Feb 26 12:04:54 CET 2004

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Thank you for help.
It did help a lot but i still have some problem:
Here are the steps:
1.Master server (drbd0/drbd1 primary) goes down
2.Slave server takes over and mounts (not using fstab) does perfectly and
becomes drbd0/drbd1 primary
3.Master server comes back to life but takes only drbd0 as primary and drbd1
stays secondary/primary
4.on manual unmount at slave says busy cant unmount
5.on slave shutdown master becomes drbd1 primary and mounts perfectly but as
soon as slave comes back to live restarts full resync which is quite a bit
long cause its 80 gb....
Any suggestions?Please...it drives me crazy.....
thank you for this amazing software its so great just this little thing
which i am sure something i am doing wrong...
btw as soon as it will wrk finally i ll try get some contribution from my
Cause it just makes everything eaiser....
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