[DRBD-user] use DRBD to mirror qmailqueue

Norman Maurer nm at byteaction.de
Tue Dec 21 08:08:20 CET 2004

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Hi to all,

i installed DRBD to mirror my MailServer (QMAIL). Now i think about, to
mirror the QMAILQUEUE too. So when the one MailServer crashes, i still
have the emails that were in the QMAILQUEUE. 

QMAIL uses Inodes for setting up the QUEUE.

My question is :

Use DRBD the same Inodes on the primary and secondary host ? 
Or is it impossible to use DRBD to mirror the QMAILQUEUE?  

An other solution is maybe to mirror the QMAILQUEUE and after switch to
the secondary host run qmails queue-fix to correct the Inodes on the

Thx for the help.


Norman Maurer 

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