[DRBD-user] Re: drbd-0.7.5 on alpha, process stuck in D state after (simulated) disk failure

Nils Juergens ju at isf.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Dec 23 18:29:54 CET 2004

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Nils Juergens wrote:

> I'm currently recompiling the kernel and will try 2.6.8 with ext3 again, 
> and then i'll try 0.7.7 on 2.4 as you requested.

It works with both 0.7.5 w. ext3 on 2.6.8 and 0.7.7 w. ext3 on 2.4.27, 
so the problem seems to have gone away with drbd-0.7.7.

I didn't see anything relevant to my setup in the changelog or I would 
have tried 0.7.7 earlier.

sorry for the trouble, and thanks a lot for drbd,

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