[drbd-mc] LCMC feature request

Whit Blauvelt whit.drbd at transpect.com
Thu Jan 5 22:28:11 CET 2012

Hi Rasto,

Nice to see it progressing.

A feature request: My setup is KVM VM where each has a dedicated pair of
DRBD (on LVM) partitions on a 2-server cluster. Half of them are to
autostart on the one machine, half on the other. I've got a custom method
of making sure no VM can start on one if it's already on the other, so it's
safe to have libvirt handle this.

Well, only a minor inconvenience, but LCMC has a single "Autostart" checkbox
which is applied to both copies of the VM or neither. It would fit my use
pattern better if the Autostart box was up in the "Defined on" section, with
one Autostart selection for each copy of the VM, rather than having it down
in the "Virtual System" section.


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