[drbd-mc] Announce: LCMC 1.3.0 / Pacemaker, DRBD, KVM GUI

Caspar Smit c.smit at truebit.nl
Mon Feb 27 15:49:33 CET 2012

Hi Rasto,

I checked the new LCMC version today and found out some stuff again.

1) I cannot right-click on resources/groups in the graphical display
anymore to get the sub-menu. Not even on the hosts.
   It is only possible to right click on the resource/group names in
the left window (under CRM pacemaker)
   Is this a 'feature' or a 'bug' ?

2) Everytime I connect to a cluster I get a big red <cluster name>:
Cluster status failed scrolling but after that the cluster seems fine.
This is when using sudo and root.

3) disconnecting from a cluster doesn't really disconnect because when
I disconnect from a cluster and connect another cluster it still does
some status updates for the disconnected cluster (I get an: updating
drbd/cluster status from the disconnected cluster(s), and that some
clusters don't even have drbd installed and this takes a lot of time).
how can i really disconnect the cluster(s) without leaving LCMC?

4) I found out today I had a split-brain cluster and I noticed that
the pacemaker Master/slave resource had no problem and "all is fine"
Primary/Secondary etc... I tried resolving this through LCMC (DRBD)
but all my options were greyed out for doing anything to the DRBD
resources. Using sudo and root didn't make a difference. Any idea why?

5) Can you explain the "workaround for iSCSITarget RA" ? I'm using a
cluster with that RA but nothing seems changed.

6) What does the "disable one-host cluster by default" exactly do
because I can still add 1 host, and then a cluster with that 1 host
(and this is something I would still like to able to do if

Kind regards,

Caspar Smit

Op 26 februari 2012 22:39 heeft Rasto Levrinc
<rasto.levrinc at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:
> Hi,
> this is the next release of the Linux Cluster Management Console, the
> high availability GUI. This release brings mostly usability
> improvements.
> From now on it is possible to operate on multiple resources at once,
> thus eliminating some of the repetitive work. You can select services,
> block devices and hosts by drawing a rectangle around them, or
> ctrl-click them. The menus in this context work on all selected
> components. For example you can select multiple services and migrate
> them all at once, instead of doing it one by one.
> Screenshot:
> http://sourceforge.net/apps/gallery/lcmc/index.php?g2_itemId=40
> As you probably don't know there were options to connect to the existing
> cluster quickly, but since kids these days don't even know what a
> command line option is, there is now an in-your-face button for that.
> Much work went into reducing the number of SSH connection and sudo calls
> in this release as well, because they used to log a lot.
> LCMC web page:
> http://lcmc.sf.net
> Screenshots:
> http://sourceforge.net/apps/gallery/lcmc/
> Source code:
> https://github.com/rasto/lcmc
> changelog:
> * implement quick-connect-to-the-cluster box
> * implement a ignore-defaults resource agent list
> * workaround for iSCSITarget RA
> * enable sudo checkbox if user is not root automatically
> * disable one-host cluster by default
> * add --one-host-cluster option
> * rewrite code that collects info from the cluster
> * fixes a null pointer exception while clicking on the host
> * implement multi selection
> Rasto Levrinc
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